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10 PDF Tools & Tips for Bloggers

Being a blogger, you are probably aware that PDF is one of the most important formats used for on-line publishing. Actually, it’s the second most important format on the internet – only HTML is used more…

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Socialize Me! Plugin for WordPress 1.0 update

Bringing the Socialize Me! Plugin for WordPress bang up to date, I’ve added support for 14 new websites, including, Vimeo, Ustream and Multiply…

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The Blah, Blah! Technology blog evolves…

Blah, Blah! Technology is evolving, albeit gradually and with purpose. Some of you may have noticed the changes, other may not have. Either way, your interests are the first and the last thing I kept in mind as I made every single change…

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Respondr contact form for websites and blogs

Need a contact form for your website or blog? Respondr is all you need…

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SEO: putting headline writing in reverse!

Headline writing is something written about ad nauseam, especial in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) circles. But as I was reading my way through a few SEO articles, one headline stood out, for all the wrong reasons…