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The ideal Home Page design

In the age of the search engine, the Home Page has a diminished role in the broader context of your website or ‘blog. What with Landing Pages being de rigueur, is there still no place like home?

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Google patent CAPTCHA killer?

Google filed a patent in July 2007 that could change the very landscape of the web forever. And that same patent could also effectively kill off the CAPTCHA…

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Google FeedBurner, Analytics and Webmaster Tools should be combined

Google is now the proud, relatively new owners of FeedBurner. If subscriptions are the measurement of trust and web traffic is the measurement of popularity, what happens when the two are combined? I’ve been using Google Analytics for a couple of years now, but not without the odd issue or two, as you’ll see from […]

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Voice 2.0 is all talk .. and data, video and IM, too!

Communication is now all about voice, data, video and IM (Instant Messaging) these days, most of which are easier said than done. And therein lies the problem — all of these mediums require different needs, different approaches and different ways of being used. But maybe there’s one way of making them work together? Much has […]

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Doin’ it and (nearly) Diggin’ it!

What’s this? Do I see Digg stretching out into Social Networking, after their conquest of all things Social Media? I know, I know, I’m hardly the easiest guy to please. But I’m sort of starting to like Digg again… In light of Digg getting into Social Networking, I thought it might be a good time […]