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The iPod: to infinity and beyond…

Originally posted on Always-On As an example of the dichotomy of social engineering, the iPod is a shining example of the paradox: a piece of socially exclusionary technology that is socially fashionable. While a great fan of iPod + iTunes, at times, I have to double-take at the fervor surrounding the diminutive device. So imagine […]

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Social engineering

Originally posted on Always-On Most people now accept that our world is in one way or another tied to or driven by technology, be it your mobile / cell phone, your computer, or even your video recorder. I, for one, see technology as an enabler. My business relies on various technologies for its very functionality. […]

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Motorola shows off new iTunes mobile phone

Speaking during a keynote at the International Consumer Electronics Show last month [I think! It’s all a bit of blur these days] an executive demonstrated the phone, which by all accounts functions in a similar way to the iPod. Not only synchronizing with a computer and the iTunes Music Store, but also incorporating the iPod […]

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‘A’ is for annoying and NOT accessibility…

I’m a web developer, write websites and web applications. As a web developer, certain things that I produce are subject to various accessibility laws. I make a note of pointing out that not all of what I produce is subject to those laws since not everything I write is publicly accessible, and the brief of […]


Hi and welcome!

Unlike my other ‘blog, Blah, Blah! Technology will have a very specific focus: technology. I’ll be covering the various forms of technology available now, and of the form of technology to come. I’ll be reviewing software, hardware, web services, books .. you name it! I’ll be looking into the opaque and non-too-distant future, plucking out […]