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Sir Tim Berners-Lee fears for the web, Part 2: the potential

Can the web be brought to heal at such a relatively late stage? And what exactly can be done by way of remedial activities to cure what ills there are presently, as well as deal with those ills yet to come? In the first installment, that’s how we left the debate that has emerged as […]

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee fears for the web, Part 1: in the beginning

The web has matured, and in doing so has grown in ways that its father-creator hadn’t anticipated. The web has become a social animal; if at times unruly, bawdy and a little immoral. And on occasion there’s the sinister, threatening dark side. A side of which few dare tread. But there’s also the edifying, even-handed […]

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Should e-commerce websites support Web Accessibility by law?

I recently ran a couple of articles on web accessibility [1] [2] and what emerged was the prospect of much improvement as the web standards become the rule rather than the exception. I say this with confidence because there’s money in conforming to the web standards and web accessibility in particular. My line of reasoning […]

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When it comes to the environment, we can do it if B&Q do it, too!

You know where the good money is on any particular political agenda when someone like B&Q go and monetize it. I think we all now appreciate that the environment is no longer fringe politics. It’s now very firmly front & centre politics. And with so many people feeling so very guilty about their household waste, […]

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Extra! Extra! Read all about how Europeans are dumpin’ the newspapers for the ‘Net!

To some, the daily newspaper is an institution. A bastion of commentary and the dissemination of free speech in print form. To others, an anachronism and others still, food wrapping and then landfill. And to us Europeans, the newspaper is yesterday’s news. I never get a chance to fill out the daily crossword, or the […]