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Social Networking and blogging for self-masturbatory egomaniacs — a guide

Social Networking and blogging is about you, right? Those other guys? They’re just so many votes and eyes that help you build one more rung on your Social Networking ladder to success. Here’s a complete guide to succeeding at all costs, usually at the expense of others…

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For ‘bloggers, diversification avoids stagnation

Having been a ‘blogger for over 3 years now, I’ve come to learn that the longevity of my ‘blog is down to the diversity of topics I write about. But with all this talk of finding the right niche, my advice is be focused, but think broad…

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What price Social Networking?

What I find really disappointing is that I’ve had people follow me on Twitter only to see that their messages are of the short title + URL kind. So really, about the only reason they’re adding me is because I must fit their audience demographic, which suggests they’re marketeers. For me, a one-way dialogue is no dialogue at all…

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My 3 rules for Social Media voting

I’m that guy, stood there in the driving rain at 3am in the morning, waiting to give you a hand. I’m there because I said I would be. But at the same time as being your best friend, I’ll probably annoy you with my principles…

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“Black Hat” SEO: How to get banned in 5 easy steps

Tricking the search engines to rank your pages higher than they ought to is called “spamdexing”, or simply spam. I have warned people many times over about a host of different spamming techniques, and how they should avoid them. If you don’t mind a nasty wrench being thrown into your search marketing plans, please feel free to go ahead and ignore the rest of this article…