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Search to become more refined in 2007?

If ever someone from this current era had to explain to someone from a previous era the concept of a search engine, the simplest yet seemingly preposterous analogy would be to describe such a thing as the sum total of all human knowledge placed beneath a spy glass. Do not be mistaken, we are at […]

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Yahoo! getting into mashups?

So is Yahoo! finally starting to think about how they’re going to make their recent acquisitions of and Flickr work together? Not to be caught behind the door, Yahoo! has moved quickly to capitalize on the release and imminent wider exposure of the Nintendo Wii with the release of their Wii Portal. By way […]

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About Blah, Blah! Technology…

Blah, Blah! Technology is about delivering technology commentary and opinion on the kind of technology trends that shape lives, shape businesses and shape the future… I attempt to take the complexities of technology and distill their terms, phrases and industry nomenclature into smaller, easier analogies and examples that hopefully anyone can read and understand and […]