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The value of business ‘blogging

Becoming a ‘blogger is akin to a land grab – you’re attempting to seize control of a dialogue about a thing or a person, a way of thinking, a product, a place .. almost anything. For businesses that like the idea of ‘blogging, there has to be a way of quantifying the value, and until […]

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Tags versus Labels versus Categories…

The concept of meta data is often a tricky sell. It’s one of those concepts that requires a little abstract thought. Delivering the idea of meta data without a suitably real-world analogy to a non-technical client, for example, can be a project-ending event. And so it is with Tags. As ‘blogging enters into the vocabulary […]

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Search to become more refined in 2007?

If ever someone from this current era had to explain to someone from a previous era the concept of a search engine, the simplest yet seemingly preposterous analogy would be to describe such a thing as the sum total of all human knowledge placed beneath a spy glass. Do not be mistaken, we are at […]

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Tech’ news in brief: MIT awarded $1.5m to research search technologies

Search technologies are still a scholastic concern: “MIT recently received a $1,500,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the next phase of a project that promises to create new search technologies for digital libraries.The project, called SIMILE, brings together researchers from the MIT Libraries Digital Library Research Group (DLRG) and the MIT Computer […]

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About Blah, Blah! Technology…

Blah, Blah! Technology is about delivering technology commentary and opinion on the kind of technology trends that shape lives, shape businesses and shape the future… I attempt to take the complexities of technology and distill their terms, phrases and industry nomenclature into smaller, easier analogies and examples that hopefully anyone can read and understand and […]