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Twitter’s reality check is in the post

Twitter is not a safe harbour from the rules of society. Chances are, what happens in the real world will happen on Twitter, too. Can we avoid this? No, absolutely not. And we shouldn’t even try, either. Here’s why…

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Google Analytics is good, but…

Google Analytics is a good, but even with the recent slew of new features, it lacks proper Social Media smarts. Here are two lingering absentee features I think Google Analytics really needs…

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This virtual world

When we speak of virtual worlds, we really mean the real world. Because no matter what these virtual worlds look like, they’re still populated by real people. But what happens when virtual worlds become reality and reach into the real world?

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An internet of everything

In the beginning, the internet was built around huge computers and universities around the world. Then came the PC, the laptop, the mobile phone and then? Almost anything you can imagine. Now imagine a world with an internet of everything…

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The price of privacy on the ‘Net

Google recently announced that they intend anonymizing the IP addresses they store on their servers after nine months. For privacy advocates, this will no doubt be seen as a triumph. For the vast majority of people out there, they just couldn’t care less…