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Facebook not on same Page as their users

Google have stiff competition in Facebook. But not for the reasons you might think — neither quite understand the power of social media in the way you’d think they would…

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1 million reasons why Twitter is no better than a street corner call box

Some celebrity challenges someone else to a good-spirited, very public charity face-off, where poor / sick people win. Thankfully, such events aren’t rare, often seen on TV, heard on radio, or read about in a magazine, or on the web, and now on some social network — so why all the fuss for Twitter?

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Microsoft looks for cool clue while Zune sings last song

Microsoft’s ill-fated Zune, that self-proclaimed “iPod killer” is inching closer to EoL (End of Life) hell. Will anyone notice, or even care? Not really. And will Microsoft lose their cool? You have to question whether they ever had any cool to lose in the first place…

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Solving the energy crisis now

Securing the future of world finance is obviously of high importance right now. But in bringing together world leaders to establish unprecedented levels of funding to ease us through the global recession, they also set a very real precedent, one which should be seized upon at the earliest opportunity — and that is to bring those same people together once more to solve the impending world energy crisis, and help save the environment…

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Google’s search snafu hints at major malware mistakes

Saturday the 31st of January 2009 was the day Google’s search service failed. But it was also the day Google highlighted their biggest mistake of all — their crazy malware policy…