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Web application project, part I: In the beginning

I’m not one for giving up, especially when I’ve committed time & money to something I believe in. For over four years, I’ve been (both directly and indirectly) working on developing a range of web applications for creative businesses. Initially, much of my effort was simply thinking through the idea and looking for ways of […]

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Consider this…

In most day-to-day affairs, there is no real, purposeful, functional fate. Certainly not on the small scale at least. However, if you’re like me, you’re a keen observer of patterns. Some patterns are small and easy to recognize, while others are massive and take many years of fastidious observations to spot a repeat in their […]

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When technology and people meet

Originally posted on Always-On God is in the detail but the Devil is in the design. I recently attended a seminar, the theme of which was basically an investigation of where technology is going and if are we likely to keep up with it. Many things happened, many things were said and ultimately, society – […]

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Are we learning yet?

Originally posted on Always-On Consider the following: if error is the mother of creation, who’s the daddy? Seriously though, while you’re here, you might as well as read on. Recently another blog prompted me to put into words my way of thinking: I’m a optimistic pessimist. In the sense that if you expect the worst […]