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Solving the energy crisis now

Securing the future of world finance is obviously of high importance right now. But in bringing together world leaders to establish unprecedented levels of funding to ease us through the global recession, they also set a very real precedent, one which should be seized upon at the earliest opportunity — and that is to bring those same people together once more to solve the impending world energy crisis, and help save the environment…

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Technology, but on a human scale

Technology has enabled globalization. Technology, imagined as an object, is a malleable and versatile thing. We can fashion and mould technology into almost any shape or size. In recent times, we have used technology to build systems on scales that are incomprehensible to any one person — at this point, technology goes beyond the human scale…

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A Brighter Marketing book deal for The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

The very nice ladies at Brighter Marketing made me an offer I just couldn’t refuse; to bundle The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media ebook with their own brand new book, The Brighter Marketing Bible for Small Businesses…

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Q&A — writing my first ebook

Writing an ebook is a rewarding challenge, with plenty of opportunities to learn. My chosen subject was social media. Here’s a Q&A about how and why I wrote my ebook, The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media…

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Octane has the X factor

June 14th 2009 will mark a major milestone in my life. Octane will be ten years old. Those less familiar with the Blah, Blah! Technology blog will not know that for the last ten years, I’ve been running my own web design and development agency over here in Yorkshire, England. Octane is, quite simply, my life…