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10 PDF Tools & Tips for Bloggers

Being a blogger, you are probably aware that PDF is one of the most important formats used for on-line publishing. Actually, it’s the second most important format on the internet – only HTML is used more…

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Why we need a blogging code of conduct

Few would contest that blogging is now mainstream. As such, aside from professional journalists, most bloggers write their own rules. But as blogging begins to compete with the mainstream media, is it time that we had a blogging code of conduct?

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Ebook: Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

The Beginners Guide to Social Media: an introduction to social media from a business perspective, is my new and free social media ebook, ready to download right now…

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New York Times syndicate rather than innovate

The big media players like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal must still think they’re unsinkable. But with finance, fate and fortune all getting caught by a strong tide of change, is syndication rather than innovation a safer harbour to weather the economic storm?

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On-line media giants creating “self linking” walled gardens?

Trust on the web is something hard earned. As a blogger, earning the trust of other bloggers as well as larger media publishers requires an appreciable amount of effort. Some might have you believe there’s a silent movement towards an intellectual embargo by the media giants. As you might expect, I see things differently…