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Microsoft’s Bing beta lacks search badda-boom

Microsoft Bing is being billed as a “decision engine”, and if my experiences of Bing are anything to go by, the only decision I’m making is to go back to Google…

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Building a social web workflow

By far the biggest problem associated with social networking and social media is their capacity for being a major temporal sink hole, whereby we can pour our time and effort in and get very little back in return. That’s certainly what a lot of newbie socneters tell me — but it needn’t be that way, not with a little effort, because in the end it’s the difference between aimless and effortless…

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Facebook’s 5 missing features

Facebook is the social network. And love it or loathe it, if you want to connect to friends, family, colleagues or clients, to share everything from videos and photos to just fanciful thoughts and precious ideas, Facebook is the place to be. However, if you want to use Facebook seriously, there are some seriously big features missing from Facebook…

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1 million reasons why Twitter is no better than a street corner call box

Some celebrity challenges someone else to a good-spirited, very public charity face-off, where poor / sick people win. Thankfully, such events aren’t rare, often seen on TV, heard on radio, or read about in a magazine, or on the web, and now on some social network — so why all the fuss for Twitter?

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Big brands from small players, while Microsoft, Disney, Ford trail

Brand perception is probably the most volatile facet of any business. Controlling brand perception amongst your customers / clients and prospects is key to so many things. And in the age of the social web, being the biggest business in the world doesn’t always mean you’re the best known…