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Serious Science: the ultimate party drug? Part 2

The world we live in is one of immediate convenience. The pace and perception of modern life is such that a ‘quick fix’ to health & happiness is moved from our life wish list and into the ‘must have’ column. Technically, it seems the ultimate party drug is doable, but would it be ethically and […]

Serious Science: the ultimate party drug? Part 1

We’re approaching a point in time when there will be a pill for almost every ill. We have ‘uppers’ and ‘downers’, as well as clinically-prescribed drugs to keep people level-headed enough to live a more normal life. But what if there was a party drug? No, not Speed, Ecstasy or Cocaine, I mean something that […]

Replacing lost limbs shows growth

Tens of thousands of people around the world every year await suitable organs to replace those of their own that are exhausted, damaged or diseased. Many don’t live long enough and die before any suitable organs are found. Many more people lose limbs and only in past five years or so has limb replacement become […]

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