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The myth of Global Warming

Much has been said about global warming. Some argue it’s the most pressing issue of our time, while others dismiss it as a contemporary myth. Whether global warming is fact or fiction, a change in our habits could be all that’s needed to change the world…

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5 inventions banned tomorrow if invented today

Some things are probably best left never being invented. But some just got invented anyway, long before we could have been aware of their potential to impact our lives for the worse. Here are 5 inventions that would most likely be banned tomorrow if invented today…

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The dirty business of waste packaging

We’ve all seen trees and barbed wire fences littered with snagged plastic bags, blocks of polystyrene and wax-coated drinks cartons loitering in rivers and the bottoms of hedge rows and road sides. So who’s to blame, businesses or we the consumer?

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Serious Science: is there alien life in the universe? Part 2

Is there alien life out there in the universe, or are we alone? That is perhaps the most profound question would can ask. After all, even lonely can be a shared experience…

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Serious Science: is there alien life in the universe? Part 1

As we stare out into the void of space, sift through strands of DNA and samples from the deepest seas & oceans, we search for clues as to what life is and why life even exists. But before we can begin our search out there in the ink black of the wide beyond, we must first understand life itself right here on Earth…