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The game is on!

There was a time when a computer game was a simple enough affair. One of simple rules, a simple ‘platformer’ or ‘scroller’ with simple ‘baddies’ with even simpler if no-less annoyingly difficult to overcome abilities. There was this endlessly repetitive, formulaic simplicity that rather than detract from the experience, actually added to it. Then things […]

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Change is always good news…

The times are indeed changing. The great thing about change is that it is inevitable, incontrovertible and most importantly of all, essential. So the season of change is upon the publishing industry, and the quarter most affected by this renewed change is that of the purveyors of news: “When Web users wanted to carve up […]

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Tech’ news in brief…

Hollywood seeks iTunes for film: “At the Digital Hollywood conference–a three-day event that began Wednesday–media executives including Arrieta ruminated on ongoing hurdles to giving consumers access to unlimited films, TV shows and multimedia on a range of devices, anywhere at anytime. They agreed that issues surrounding digital rights management, consumer adoption, and simple and compatible […]