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How close are we to Star Trek technology?

So when did science fiction become science fact, eh? After reading this, you may just discover that we’re a lot closer to the technology in Star Trek than you might think… Being the sci-fi fan of old, I couldn’t resist writing this article. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time! […]

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Sony Reader: The future of electronic books?

With the recent release of the Sony Reader, are we any closer to an electronic pager-turner, or is this just another gadget destined for a post-Christmas car-boot sale near you? Right now, there’s little doubt that the technology is in place for a small, portable device with a long battery life that can fit in […]

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Really bad design versus very good programming

Originally posted on Always-On As a designer and a programmer, I get to see things from a pretty unique position. And as a business owner, my view is sometimes a lofty one, coloured by the varying issues that I need to keep in mind when engaging in a project. Within each project, there is a […]

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The iPod: to infinity and beyond…

Originally posted on Always-On As an example of the dichotomy of social engineering, the iPod is a shining example of the paradox: a piece of socially exclusionary technology that is socially fashionable. While a great fan of iPod + iTunes, at times, I have to double-take at the fervor surrounding the diminutive device. So imagine […]