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3 steps for the social media beginner

For many businesses, social media is still a mystery. What does social media do? Is it marketing, or is it something else? And who’s going to make the effort to find out? These are common questions I hear emerging from different conversations with business people and clients. So just how will social media really make an impact on businesses? From the ground up…

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Facebook Connect can socialize the web

Facebook Connect is a game changer in a way that Google Friend Connect isn’t. As the name suggests, it’s all about connecting people. But is Facebook missing a major social trick with their chat software?

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What is FriendFeed?

So you’ve heard of FriendFeed, right? Here’s where I explain, in simple terms, FriendFeed for avid bloggers and serial social media over achievers…

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10 PDF Tools & Tips for Bloggers

Being a blogger, you are probably aware that PDF is one of the most important formats used for on-line publishing. Actually, it’s the second most important format on the internet – only HTML is used more…

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Twitter’s reality check is in the post

Twitter is not a safe harbour from the rules of society. Chances are, what happens in the real world will happen on Twitter, too. Can we avoid this? No, absolutely not. And we shouldn’t even try, either. Here’s why…