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Wayne Smallman is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology blog: a focal point of his passion for technology, and a hallmark of his business mentality, writing style, and adeptness at making complex technology issues approachable and accessible. He is the principle founder and managing director of Octane Interactive, a Web design, Web applications development, and Internet marketing agency established in 1999 and based in Yorkshire, England. Recently Wayne has been providing a consultancy service to a diverse selection of regional, national, and multinational businesses from a wide range of industries looking to make the most of their Web presence – particularly those in need of specialized Web applications for business-to-business and business-to-consumer services. To his clients, Wayne is considered more of a business partner than a supplier. He has earned several qualifications, including a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in industrial design, product design, and electronic media. Beyond his work and his blog, he is currently authoring a science fiction trilogy as well as developing a cutting-edge Web applications platform for the creative market.

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Google Glass and an always-on surveillance society

What do Google Glass and 3d printing have in common? No-one has seriously considered their implications for society in a broad context.

Guns. Drugs. 3d printing. Enjoy.

While at college, I remember seeing a documentary on stereolithography, which we today know as 3d printing. My first thought? Guns.

Microsoft Office mark up a rip off for Britain

So there I was, on the cusp of purchasing a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business…

Apple and the KISS of success

Choice is a funny thing. Not funny-ha-ha, but the kind that makes you stop, wonder, and then scratch your head. And if there’s too much choice, you wonder some more before sighing with exasperation just before you leave. Apple understand this, while their competitors really don’t have a clue.

Google trading quality and security for market share?

Google are experiencing something of a downer this past several days, much of which leaves a huge question mark hanging over their qualitative approach to Android.