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Apple and the KISS of success

Thursday, 11 October 2012 — by

Choice is a funny thing. Not funny-ha-ha, but the kind that makes you stop, wonder, and then scratch your head. And if there’s too much choice, you wonder some more before sighing with exasperation just before you leave. Apple understand this, while their competitors really don’t have a clue.

A lack of choice is an argument / complaint / criticism that Apple are continually accused of,  yet they march on down that road to success unhindered. It’s a subject that came up yet again over on Business Insider, covering an interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, to which I just had to comment:

One choice it may be, but it’s the only choice for a lot of people out there.

Bill Gates once said much the same about the iPod, but made the argument that by having only one choice, people had no choice at all. Steve Jobs replied by saying that people have a choice, but it’s just not the choice Bill wants to see people making.

Fundamentally, this perceived lack of choice is precisely why the iPhone is such a success. Anyone who walks into a phone store is bedazzled by the array of options, even if they walk into a store for Samsung, or Sony. Walk into an Apple store, and your options are far fewer, and arguably less of a hassle.

Apple understand the power of this, while the other guys cite it as a negative, simply because they don’t understand the processes involved.

I suppose, in a sense, Apple have slaked themselves drunk from the fountain of KISS; Keep It Simple, Stupid.

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