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Beyond belief

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 — by

Easter came and went a bit like Christmas, in that we’re all for the festivities, the food and the fun, but just don’t talk about religion. Meanwhile, a man wearing an odd-looking dress and silly hat bemoans the fact we’re no longer taking him or his beliefs seriously, amidst on-going claims that a supernatural being created the world in seven days, or something…

I utterly and vehemently despise all religion — religion is by far and almost beyond the reach of practical measurement, the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction ever devised by man. Yet people cling to such nonsense out of nothing more than fear and vanity all tangled together. That somehow, their lives are so precious that the universe itself ought to set aside a place somewhere so that they can live out all eternity.

And then there’s the alignment of political persuasion with belief. Suffice it to say, religious conservatism is not a choice for many (too many for the sake of common sense), while liberalism and atheistic ideals also align.

I find it quite amazing how conservative preachers and politicians alike squeal their venomous bile across radio waves, telephone wires and fibre optic cables, flatly denouncing science fact in favour of whatever entirely ephemeral, utterly unprovable and largely laughable lies they choose to believe in.

At what point did they choose to halt their “belief” in science? Just after the invention of what ever technological marvel allows them a forum to talk complete shit.

They hide behind liberalist ideals that protect their right to believe what they like, while proliferating their right-wing filth as if it was fact, making strident and sweating, clamouring efforts to silence the salient books of science in schools all across the southern states of the US of A, creating yet another generation of ignorant, hostile and paranoid people, acting as an anchor to the rest of the human race, stymieing forward motion, away from those dark, bad waters of our ignorant past.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the man wearing the odd-looking dress and silly hat is worried, and so he should be — people like me have you and your kind on the run.

Step into the light, Keith. I’ll show you what enlightenment is all about, mate. And such things do not begin or end with the fantasy section of a properly ordered book store, believe me…

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Comment and be known

Hertz → Wednesday, 27 April 2011 @ 11:15 BDT

“And such things do not begin or end with the fantasy section of a properly ordered book store, believe me…”

Totally agree with this. Get real Keith!

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