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Top 10 articles of 2008 on Blah, Blah! Technology

Over the last year, a string of social media, science, software and technology articles have given this ‘blog some serious exposure. So here’s a list of the most popular articles of 2008…

Over the last year, a string of social media, science, software and technology articles have given this ‘blog some serious exposure. So here’s a list of the most popular articles of 2008…

A list of the 10 most popular articles of 2008 on the Blah, Blah! Technology ‘blog

But video games are bad for kids, right? — There’s still this myth that video games harm children both socially and intellectually. Things aren’t quite what they appear — and here’s why…

How close are we to Star Trek technology? — So when did science fiction become science fact, eh? After reading this, you may just discover that we’re a lot closer to the technology in Star Trek than you might think…

WordPress Plugin: Socialize Me! — Making the most of social media & social networking is the goal of just about every ‘blogger. Imagine if you could reach out to all those visitors from StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious et cetera, right from your articles…

When internet rumours and urban myths go horribly wrong! — The immediacy of the internet can also have its negatives. Things like internet rumours, disinformation, urban myths, bad ideas and outright lies have all had their day on the world wide web…

And for the second year running, Just what is technology? — While the title might sound like an topic, when I ask the question: “what is technology?” how wide or how narrow do we choose to focus our search? For me, technology is everything that’s man-made and not just the newfangled stuff, with PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) and microprocessors…

‘WiTricity’ wireless electricity for all? — There was once this Serbian called Nikola Tesla who had these crazy, amazing ideas about wireless electricity. At the time he was doing his most notable and respected work, wireless technology was as much the rage then as it is now…

Serious Science: nanotechnology to kill the “upgrade cycle”? — The advent of nanotechnology will change almost every visible and invisible part of our lives — from the way we treat illnesses to how we manufacture products. Soon, the “obsolete component” itself will be obsolete…

Google FeedBurner, Analytics and Webmaster Tools should be combined — Google is now the proud, relatively new owners of FeedBurner. If subscriptions are the measurement of trust and web traffic is the measurement of popularity, what happens when the two are combined?

Google Sitelinks explained — To some, Google Sitelinks are the ultimate endorsement of a website or ‘blog. While there are many clear advantages, knowing how to gain Sitelinks has always been something of a dark art — more guess work than hard work. But what if I said I knew a way?

How to make sense of blogging success

See a pattern emerging? I’m either asking a pertinent / pointed question, giving something away for free, or being controversial. In the case of the Socialize Me! and Google Sitelink articles, I’m giving something away that satisfies a very specific need; a need that was and still is very much in evidence today.

With each of these articles, I had a different set of criteria for success in mind. In the case of “Just what is technology?” I wanted to target search traffic, which I felt would be a very good way of getting onto the radar of academia — and that worked. I’m in the top five of the first page of Google and the article is currently bouncing around various internal college and university networks all over the world.

The same can also be said of “Google Sitelinks explained”, except that while I was still pitching at the search engines, I was instead aiming at the standing army of bloggers, SEOs and social media mavens out there aching to know more about Google’s fabled and much sought after Sitelinks. And right up until I wrote my article, almost nothing was known about them. I changed that.

SEOs (Search Engine Opimizers) and social media workers are a generous lot, and I anticipated that their generosity would be paid in back-links, favourable reviews and submissions to websites like StumbleUpon and Sphinn. I wasn’t wrong, either. So a third goal was to demonstrate my expertise and knowledge, which would increase my standing amongst my peers.

Speaking of expertise and knowledge, my Plugin for WordPress was another vehicle for that strategy. By giving away a piece of software that helps people enrich the social networking experience of their blogs, everyone wins. In no uncertain terms, I showed that I have a fundamental grasp of social networking and its unitive power, and the programming skills, too.

Moving away from the learned and the mildly philanthropic and into the oft unloved and prickly realms of controversy, my most successful article: “But video games are bad for kids, right?” stirred up a wonderful collection of thought-provoking comments. The article itself segued nicely with some of the political discussions coming out of the US presidential elections, as well as several key issues brewing over here in Britain.

To be perfectly honest, I just wanted to write something to counter the mostly erroneous, knee-jerk nonsense clogging up tabloid headline writers’ minds. In the end, I wrote an article which is proving to be a very potent and broadly successful subject on the search engines both here in Britain and the US — certainly far more successful than I’d anticipated.

And the one thing underlying all those articles? Knowing how to write to and for all of those audiences, including the search engines.

Why not share with everyone your most successful articles of 2008?

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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In relation to your article on chidren and video games, I´ll have to say that I very much agree with you there! I think on the one hand, they are too violent, but if parents would resrict their children to SUITABLE video games, then there wouldn´t be a problem. On the other hand, I think video games can encourage social interraction, working together as a team to complete a mission for example. I can believe that it does have an effect on reaction speeds and can in some ways educate children about what to expect in the real world. Your SEO articles are also very interesting.. I´ve just started blogging, so I´m needing to learn a bit more about the world I´ve just entered! I hope 2009 reveals lots more successful articles!

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