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If you’re into sharp, incisive opinions on technology trends, valuable SEO how-to guides and cutting Social Media analysis, then the Blah, Blah! Technology blog might just be worth a squint…

If you’re into sharp, incisive opinions on technology trends, valuable SEO how-to guides and cutting Social Media analysis, then the Blah, Blah! Technology blog might just be worth a squint…

Right now, Blah continues to enjoy growth week on week, all thanks to your continued patronage.

Blah guest writes and other mentions from around the web

In early June, my introduction to Plurk, the new micro-blogging platform got a mention on the official Plurk press page.

Back in May, I wrote a guest article for Brian at NowSourcing about Google’s malware problem:

“In providing a search service, Google have an obligation to ensure their service does not knowingly or willingly cause harm to us. So imagine my dismay to see malware being paraded in front of me after an innocuous and totally unrelated search…”

Back in February, I wrote for SEOMoz on the subject of Google experiencing growing pains:

“Google is now beginning to appreciate the unique challenges that come with size, scale, and sprawling strategies.

Like Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker — with great power comes great responsibility. And as Peter’s alter-ego Spider-Man knows only too well, with great power comes a vast array of threats and enemies, too.”

Back in January I wrote for GigaOM, offering a counter-point to Seth Godin’s erroneous views on “Word of Mouth” marketing:

“Finding cost-effective marketing techniques is a challenge. One such marketing technique defies the passing of time, and stoically remains both free and reliable — and that’s word-of-mouth recommendations…”

Back in November 2007 I wrote about how Yahoo! Pipes can help make Lifestreams easier over on Sciencetext:

“I’m guessing ‘specificity’ is a word you don’t often hear, but it’s a word very much linked to Yahoo! Pipes. Now ‘versatile’ is a word you’re more likely to associate with Yahoo! Pipes, which is obvious, really. Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, ‘indispensable’ will be another word to associate with this adaptable feed aggregation tool.”

What’s been the impact of blogging on my life?

My otherwise impervious exterior can from time to time be penetrated by the odd meme. So imagine my shock / horror / dismay to see that I’d been meme’d by Heidi Cool, asking how has blogging had impacted my work.

I don’t often discuss such things on Blah, but…

Blogging from a personal perspective

Blah and OctaneBlogging has introduced me to a lot of people, some of whom have had a resoundingly positive, formative impact on me personally and professionally.

I’m not much of a follower of bloggers. There’s too much variation in quality, and given the small amount of time I have for reading, I concentrate on quality first, with the names of individuals being somewhere down the list of priorities.

But that’s not to say there aren’t exceptions! Just not the names you’re probably used to seeing. I’m now trying to give my social vote to those bloggers who’re working their way up, rather than those who’re well known.

A lot of what I thought I knew — about blogging and of those areas specific to my business — has been refined by reading about those who do know. Then there’s the stuff I didn’t know which I’ve learned simply by trial & error.

There’s no real way of measuring this acquisition of friends or knowledge, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be where I am now without it.

I tend to share a lot of what I learn, adding back to the same communities I learned from in the first place. Thankfully, other bloggers tend to be appreciative of that, which is really encouraging.

Blogging from a business perspective

Blah is a trading name of my company, Octane, which is a web design & development agency, due to celebrate its 9th birthday on the 14th of June, incidentally.

The original purpose of Blah! was simply to give me a voice and a venue to talk about technology. But over time, Blah became a place for me to talk not just about technology trends, but about trends in Social Media, to provide how-to guides for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), link building and web design, as well as those other widely eclectic topics I write about.

So it made sense to fold Blah into Octane, since a lot of those topics related directly to the consultation services I provide. And by incorporating those topics into the services I provide, we’re helping make Blah a seamless part of Octane’s broader internet-related activities.

Over the next few months, Kate & I intend turning Blah into the global face of Octane.

None of this would have been possible had it not been for my efforts for the last 2 years, combined with Kate’s involvement since just before the end of 2007. In that regard, blogging has been instrumental.

But even though much more is riding on the Blah blog these days, certainly from a business point of view, it’s still about having fun and saying the kind of things that most people either wouldn’t know how to, or dare dream of saying!

I don’t see those underlying themes changing. In fact, Kate & I see them being fundamental to what we’re trying to achieve.

So stick around, have fun, discuss, share and make sure you subscribe to Blah!

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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Shock, horror and dismay, eh? I’m glad you survived the invitation and were able to participate. As expected, you’ve added great new insights. I’m particularly intrigued to see how your online presence will evolve as you let Blah become the face of Octane. It shows how powerful blogging can be when it comes to supporting one’s brand.

I heartily agree with you about learning from the less prominent names in the biz. The famous ones offer great advice too, but there are wonderful nuggets of information being published by those out working in the field. Thanks for joining the meme!

Hey Wayne,

You are a source of inspiration for me – I hope to be able to do half the things I think you are able to achieve in a day.

Sincerely, the kind of stuff, the meticulous nature with which you read every article and post on your blog, or on mixx, really amazes me…

Your articles are well researched, hold no ground for debate except to those who have reason to believe otherwise.

Thanks for posting such amazing data on SEO/Social Media etc..

God Bless

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