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Why ‘Blogging is like Sex

How often do you do it? Most people are a little hesitant at first. They try it once or twice and are not sure whether or not they like it. They’re a bit bemused as to why so many people seem to rave about it…

They keep trying and after a while they find that it’s really quite fun and pleasurable.

But beginners still tend to be clumsy until they’ve had a fair amount of feedback, often from people with more experience.

Many people then get to the stage with their blogging where they can’t get enough of it. They blog at least once a day — sometimes more often than that.

Frequent bloggers may even chuckle at those poor sad individuals who only get to blog once or twice a month.

It’s best not to blog when you’re drunk as you’re likely to regret it the next morning. And you may get involved in topics you’d normally avoid when sober.

You need to vary your blogging technique to avoid it getting repetitive and boring.

Many of us blog first thing in the morning, or more often just before going to sleep.

Although we tend to think that our efforts will be appreciated, there’s no substitute for good positive feedback.

Most people know they shouldn’t do it at work but some have a go anyway.

The length of a blog is sometimes over rated.

And don’t try to fake it. If you’re not really into the subject don’t bother pretending in order to please your readers. They can tell the difference.

What’s normal — as in how often do you blog? Well I aim for 2 to 3 times a week but I don’t always manage it…

Mark Lee spends most of his time working with accountants and tax advisers; he provides business coaching mentoring for partners and prospective partners – as well as a number of related services. He also writes a regular blog for ambitious professionals where he shares insights, ideas and commercial tips drawn from his extensive professional career. His main website has the clever sounding name: BookMarkLee

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Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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