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Pownce to be leapt upon by RIAA?

The music industry has often danced to a different tune. And with the start of the new school year, college students return to class with threatening legal documents awaiting them, care of the RIAA. If that’s the song the music labels and the RIAA want to dance to, it’s more like a their smooch than a disco floor-filler for everyone else…

Yes, we accept that the interests of the artists need to be protected, but more often than not, it appears that it’s the music labels who’s interests are being better served.

In any case, much more has been said elsewhere about the Recording Industry Association of America, so I would dwell too long.

Music to watch the lawyers go by

Sometimes, ‘blog fodder just finds me, which for me is a bonus. With me being ever active on Pownce, a wonderful observation was made by a friend which really got me thinking.

There has since been a number of additional comments to the thread, which might not be ideal for a public airing, so I’ll paraphrase: “Pownce is a good place to find music, which is good!”

To which my reply was along the lines of: “Yeah, what’s betting the RIAA pick up on this?”

This kind of thing has the potential to be a problem for any Social Network, but more so with Pownce, since it’s Note option allow people to post music and movie files.

And the moral of this story is? Damned if I know, but my advice would be to either post songs and movies on Pownce wisely, or not at all…

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