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How big is your To-Do list?

So just how big is your To-Do list? I ask, because this question was put to me by Shana, owner and webmaster behind pre-school curriculum and educational website ABC Home Pre-School. And you know what? The bigger the list of things to do, the better…

We just happened to be talking about my list of pending ‘blog articles and how I keep a list of topics and ideas to explore.

Shana laughed and told me her life To-Do list was huge and asked how big my list was.

Similarly, my life list of things to do is vast. Colossal even.

To want is to dream and then to do

But the thing is, it’s not a bad thing having a list of things you want to do in life.

For those that keep lists, this might not sound too encouraging, but it’s all about perspective.

You have ambitions, right? These are long-term things, like running a marathon, losing some weight or learning to speak a new language.

Then there’s the things that you really need quite urgently, like to call a client, transfer some funds, or meet a friend.

And last but certainly not least, there’s the rolling To-Do list of work projects, which really is a continuous list of activities that you tend to rank in order of priority.

Once you begin to classify your To-Do lists, you see that they’re not dead set against you, making your life harder than it need be.

These To-Do list items are like way points in your life. You mark out a route and then work towards navigating that route the best way you know how.

How to manage a To-Do list

I can only offer you an insight into my own To-Do list management. But with any luck, the advice I’ll be offering will help.

  • Get yourself a large A4 lined writing pad and three ball point pens; black / blue red, blue and green.
  • List your items in priority order, using black / blue ink. I tend to list them by client name and then have an indented list of activities for that client.
  • As items are completed, scribble them out using the red ink. Optionally, you can be quite emphatic about this. Gives a real sense of completion.
  • If items are pending, underline then in green ink and provide additional notes, if required.

Yeah, there’s going to be things you miss, get wrong, blowing chances along the way. But that’s life.

I once had a talk with a business advice dude a few years ago, and he said that you always need to aim high.

Never be afraid to overreach and be even less afraid of failing to hit the target.

If you always aim for a comfortable height and succeed, you’ll never know what you could have done had you aimed higher…

““Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp – or what’s a heaven for?
~ Robert Browning (1812 – 1889)”

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Wayne Smallman is the man behind Octane Interactive, a web design, web applications development and internet marketing agency. Octane has been around since 1999 and is based in Yorkshire, England.

Wayne has been in the new media industry working as a web designer & developer since the mid nineties and also provides a consultation service to businesses looking to make the most of their web presence.

He’s a passionate believer in the power of technology to better the lives of everyone and his passion and drive are hallmarks of his attitude to doing business.

Wayne is also the author of a series of web-related articles for businesses and individuals wanting to know more about the web and how the web can help them be more productive and work smarter, not harder.

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