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Scientific advancements of the future

So the question was: what do you see as amazing scientific advancements during our lifetime that our grandchildren (or even children) will take for granted? This gem of a question surfaced on the Science Junkie forum on StumbleUpon, posed by Cindy Chesley (a.k.a. AstroGirlBunny) And as all good questions do, they inevitably get me thinking…

There are other great ideas, but I had my own take on what would be a great scientific advancement:

“What about nano-mechanical devices which derive their power directly from the blood stream?

That will open up an entirely new class of mobile device, which is about as energy efficient as you can get.

And would also help off-set the looming gadget energy crisis…”

Things of the future

Let’s take a journey together.

A journey into the not-so distant future.

Here in the future, we don’t think in terms of gadgets any longer.

They’re no longer accessories, they’re “augmentations” which enhance our life, our productivity or our abilities within a given field of knowledge, industry or profession.

Now that we’re harnessing the abundant power of the human body, there’s no longer any need for batteries and such like.

And our bodies no longer simply power such devices, they play host to them, too.

What remains of the gadgets we once knew are merely the fascia’s. In a very real sense, we “skin” these devices to suit our very own skin.

As mobile phones become thinner, and as we inch closer to living cell microelectronics, we just have to rethink why we call these things “cell phones” in the first place!

Such a small device’s screen could be as thin as sheet of paper, inserted onto the inside of your wrist, equipped with a touch screen display.

While the earpiece and the microphone could be either implanted close to the ear or throat, or be implanted close to or inside the brain, serving other such devices that have similar needs, too.

Communication is central to almost everything we do, so it’s no accident that the example I provide is that of a mobile phone.

And as wireless communications technologies become more prevalent – even wireless energy being a real possibility – we might never need to see a cable again.

The world of consumer electronics technology won’t just inspire people and help save the environment, it’ll get right under their skin…

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

2 replies on “Scientific advancements of the future”

Surely, blood pressure or pulse powered devices will mean one has to eat more to power them? It’s like the air con in your car, it doesn’t come for free it uses some of the juice and lowers mileage…


I looked all over the place for the original article I read last year because the method I read there used blood sugar as well as pressure to produce energy…

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