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Pownce and Skitch invites to give away

I’m in a giving mood. And this tends not to happen too often. I’ve got a bunch of invites for Pownce and Skitch to give away. So take advantage of this chance to grab an invite while they’re still going…

This is a first-come-first-served thing, so there may be those who’re not served right now. But I do keep getting top-up invites occasionally.

Ready to Pownce? Then you’ll want an invite!

For those not in the know, Pownce is a social network that’s sort of like Twitter but on speed and crack. So it’s better, yeah?

I’ve had good reason to expound on the virtues of Twitter before now, and give a heads-up on how Twitter can integrate with Skype.

So how does Pownce top Twitter, eh?

  • Better options for sending personal messages to friends.
  • Can reply to personal messages in thread fashion.
  • Can send a group message, or a message to the general public on Pownce.
  • Similarly, you can post messages as links, events, files (such as podcasts, videos, music maybe) and events.
  • And, you can also rate messages, which is pretty damned good.

So if you want an invite for Pownce (I’ve got 10 remaining) send me a message and I’ll do the rest.

Skitch! Net lingo for sketch…

I recently scribed a review of Skitch, the neat image editing tool for ‘bloggers:

“You see, with Skitch, you can create images from anything you’ve got on your screen in front of you … The fun really starts once you’re in Skitch proper, because there’s a ton of tools to fool around with.

There’s plenty of paint, draw and write tools to keep even seasoned pixel demons like me happy. Plus everything you throw on the canvas is done so non-distructively, which means you can just select the stuff you’ve daubed on the canvas and delete it.”

However, those on Windows need not apply. Right now, Skitch is a Mac-only thing. But there may be a Windows version shortly.

So if you want an invite for Skitch (I’ve got 5 remaining) send me a message and I’ll do the rest.

I’m just too good to you lot! I spoil you rott’n, don’t I?!

Well it won’t last, I tell you…

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