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Google, Adobe service & support stink!

This is always going to sound like sour grapes, me poking holes in the Google and Adobe customer service & support. In the past year or so, I’ve got nowhere with either of them. But I think there’s much, much more both Adobe and Google should be doing to help you & me use their software…

Right now, I’m lost in the maelstrom of Google Groups, hoping beyond reasonable hope that someone .. anyone will answer my cries of help.

Since around about the same time I made use of the feed re-direct feature of Google Blogger, I’ve had no email notifications telling me whether I’ve had any comments on my articles.

Now, in fairness to Google, I have had some problems with my email, which my ISP have been looking into, but there are guys out there, lost also within the Labyrinthine threads of Google Groups, hoping like me that someone will help.

As far as I can see, based upon similar threads, there’s no official response from Google’s Blogger support people.

To make matters worse, there seems to be no sensible or obvious way to track your topics. I’ve just spent 15 minutes looking for the thread I started so I could quote it here, all to no avail.

So even with the brute force of Google’s search engine (the unstoppable force) at my disposal, I’ve been thwarted by Google Groups (the immovable object).

When a company like Google simply points you to a group-based support system as a panacea to all of your software ills, this is to offer a so-so support service, or no support service at all.

They’re basically disavowing all responsibility and divesting themselves on ownership.

That to me simply isn’t good enough.

And then there’s Adobe with their hopelessly broken Contribute CMS (Content Management System) which has been the bane of not just my life, but has also made the life of one of my clients immeasurably more difficult, too.

What’s possibly worse is the fact that Adobe’s support team are too arrogant to admit that there’s a problem.

So no matter how loud yours or my protestations are, no matter how fundamentally broken Adobe Contribute is, they simply do not want to know.

The official line – as dictated to me by one of their anonymous support minions – is that they’re not even prepared to escalate the matter to the right people.

I could say many things, but the bottom line here is that this is hopelessly pathetic and unbelievably naive and narrow-minded.

How on Earth they hope to serve their customers’ best interests, I can only guess.

Customer support on life support

In the case of Google, it would appear that they’re loathed to support a free service with anything other than volunteer staffers. All of which offers little incentive for me to stay with Google Blogger, when I’m precisely the kind of ‘blogger Google need in their corner.

In the case of Adobe, they have our money in the bank, so why care? They didn’t even have the time to point me to their own bottomless chasm that is their own supports groups.

Now it’s your turn

Anyone else experiencing lamentable customer service & support at the hands of some software developer or hardware manufacturer?

You know what to do…

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

3 replies on “Google, Adobe service & support stink!”

Google support is horrible, the worst incident I’ve had was when they started answering my queries with the completely wrong information.

You ask them a question and they reply about something different. I had about 4 of those in a row, each time I explained what I was emailing about and why their replies had nothing to do with it.

I don’t think anyone there even takes the time to read support emails. I guess they just c&p some crap in and hope its somewhat close to what the user was asking about!

Hi Aaron, I know exactly what you mean.

I didn’t mention my recent issues with the Google AdWords guys, because it’s still in progress.

However, they’re not exactly endearing themselves to me, put it that way…

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