Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: Holiday 2007

Alas, I must abscond to sunnier climes for a period of rest & relaxation, but mainly drunken revelry, hedonistic excess and debauchery of every type, style and description. From later this evening, I’m to be found mainly on the Greek island of Kardamena, getting up to no amount terrible thrills with my eldest nephew Jack…

During this week-long sojourn, there will be a cessation in ‘blogging.

However, in my absence, feel free to drop some ideas into the comments.

Ideas about the tech’ that’s happening right now and the technology trends that you think matter most.

I will be back with more technology coverage, commentary and opinion on my return.

I will endeavor to return with pictures (properly vetted beforehand, of course) of my time abroad. And maybe while I’m out there, I’ll find some tech’ inspiration, too.

I’m headed for destination sunshine…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website.

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