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Wayne Smallman, international man of .. err!

So I get about, yeah. I’m here, I’m there. I’m like a bad rash on a fat man .. I’m everywhere, dude! Or so I thought…

This morning saw a summary execution of my ambitions of world domination from the comfort of my ‘blog.

How this character assignation was achieved was pretty interesting, though.

I paid a visit to EgoSurf, who calculate your ‘ego ranking’ on Google. Once the calculation is complete, you see a graphical fuel gauge with the needle indicating your position.

Needless to say, I was running on empty.


But out of this fun is a serious little tool that could be put to effective use, tracking back-links and quickly figuring out where you, someone else or a keyword / key phrase and your ‘blogs and websites stand in the grand scheme of things.

An interesting at-a-glance tool for anyone wanting to manage their Personal Brand, to help find the venues where you rank best and enhance them.

I’ve also quite recently joined StumbleUpon, which I’m really impressed with. Yes, you have to actually install something into your web browser, but the benefits are pretty good.

The accuracy with which people are suggested in my Network is impressive. And while the forums aren’t quite fully-fledged fora, for finding insight, inspiration, ideas and initiating conversations, I can’t complain.

Also quite recently, I got interviewed via email by Halil at Peopleized, offering some insight into myself for those not on speaking terms with me.

Nothing like a little free exposure, is there? And it’s Personal Branding thing again, isn’t it?

One tip for Halil would be to use the name of the interviewee in the URL to the actual article, which would work wonders on the world wide web and provide some suitably special search engine stickiness, too.

So for those not on speaking terms with me, feel free to catch me on Twitter, or maybe catch me on Skype

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

7 replies on “Wayne Smallman, international man of .. err!”

Hi Dan, looks like it’s down for me too!

Maybe my complete & utter mediocrity reduced the whole thing to a catatonic state?

Worth a look later on though … honest!

Hi guys. It’s not the end of the world as we know it. You just missed the “www.” in the link.

When it opens, make sure you click on “more options” and select “deep search”. Also select Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. if you like.

I got 2099 on Google; I’m sure you will get more. 🙂

Hi guys, link now fixed.

I’m pretty sure that I originally got onto the website with link sans the ‘www’ so I’m not sure why it’s changed.

All working now…

oooh….wow….2711 points and the needle’s flickering around 2. Does that make me geet famous then, or a not, like 99.999% of bloggers?


@David: there’s no easy way to break this to you, but .. if I’m running on empty (4900+) I think you need someone to get out and push! 😉

@Josh: yes, but we’ll forgive you…

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