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There was this ‘blogger from Barnsley…

There I was, biding my time. I was quite prepared to loll in the Doldrums and wait for the wind to change direction and blow me towards better, more open waters. Well the wind did change, but I was blown in a very unexpected direction, though not an unpleasant one…

You see, since changing the main web address of this ‘blog, my regular organic traffic sagged massively, effectively starving me of the very people that converted best.

The people who find this ‘blog organically (via a search engine) are the ones that typically find exactly what they’re looking for, and then they either comment or subscribe to my feed.

To offset this imbalance, I wrote an article that would include the ideas and know-how of some very influential, knowledgeable and highly visible ‘bloggers.

And, as good fortune would have it, the article in question was submitted to StumbleUpon, whereby I received a very welcome tide of traffic over the course of several days.

Personally, I was very, very pleased with the article for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the idea for the article piqued the interest of most of the people I asked for feedback. Secondly, planning around someone submitting the article to a social bookmarking service was delivered on perfectly. While thirdly and finally, I gained some solid exposure on the web and made some new contacts on StumbleUpon into the bargain.

Because the feedback I got was excellent – with very little obvious overlap – and the views and ideas given was just wonderful to work with, the whole article was a pleasure to write, and a good strategy to use again sometime.

What I didn’t expect was that my ‘blog itself would be submitted to StumbleUpon, creating a secondary wave of traffic.

But things can only get better

But that’s not all!

Sometime during the 28th, Google re-indexed the majority of the content, and I felt the benefit almost immediately.

Then, ahead of the D Conference, what should happen but Microsoft Surface was given it’s first public airing.

Now, given that my content had just been re-indexed, and that I’d previously written an article about Microsoft previewing their in-development interactive touch-screen technology, which also included mention of Jeff Han, I had no idea of the amount of traffic I was about to get as a result of people searching for: “Jeff Han, Microsoft”, or a variation thereof.

The title of the article in question is: “Jeff Han, Microsoft get in touch?” the first three words of which matching the search phrases that people were typing into Google.

And for that search, I was in number one spot on Google throughout the whole period.

And on the downside

My article wasn’t news. I’m not TechCrunch or The Register, and I don’t report on breaking news. I speculate and opine on technology trends after the fact. And what I had said in the article was by now slightly out of date, in light of Microsoft’s release.

So, some fast fingers were in order and I wrote a second article, this time focusing on Microsoft Surface specifically to help enforce the first article.

All of which brings me up to now, Saturday afternoon and the article: “Will everything on the web one day be free?” has got its second wind and I’ve had another couple hundred visits since early afternoon Friday until now.


Not all that bad for a lad of working-class stock from Barnsley…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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