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YouTube to kick-off soccer deal?

Much has been said about Google buying YouTube. I’ve even had something to say in the past, too. What with so much content of dubious, questionable copyright floating around on YouTube, many eyes are focused in their direction.

A few weeks ago, the BBC struck something of a deal with YouTube, which allowed the BBC to strip out all of the low quality content on YouTube and replace it with higher quality stuff, all of which serves as a loss leader for BBC’s ambitions for world domination.

Which reminds me. I did the see this coming quite some time ago:

“So what if both Google and Apple are working on a some kind of repatriation program for YouTube content? Using the know-how of Google to embed their video adverts into the content and hopefully placate the big studios and stay off an impending attack of the legal eagles?”

OK, enough with preening, glowing self-satisfied praise.

Anyway, at the time, I made the leap of involving / implicating Apple in the deal. But if that’s the case, then their part is a silent one.

More recently, a new player has entered into the fray:

“Plaintiffs including England’s Premier League sued Google Inc.’s online-video sharing site YouTube on Friday for copyright infringment, marking the second big legal challenge to YouTube.”

The issue is as simple as it gets, really: the Football Association Premier League Limited want their copyright content off YouTube.

When this news emerged last night (now several nights ago) on the late news, I found myself smiling. Why? Google’s grand plan seems to be gathering pace.

As I see it, this is exactly what Google were looking for.

Now, some of you are probably having a hard time trying to figure out exactly how being sued can possible benefit either Google or YouTube.

Ye of such narrow vision .. shame on you!

Any good business person is an opportunist. Every event is a chance to snatch something positive. And that’s a good rule to work to, a rule Google are more than familiar with.

I imagine Google’s legal people putting together a long-winded ‘Boiler Plate’ tome of a document that would, in essence, say something like: “Sue us now, expect a long war of attrition and maybe, just maybe there’ll be a pay-out. Maybe. Do a deal with us, we’ll do the same or similar deal with you as we did with Chelsea FC, we’ll drop in some advertising for added revenue and everyone wins!“
Yes, advertising.

You’re going to be seeing Google AdSense embedded right into the video clips, albeit a video-flavoured version of AdSense.

Football might be the beautiful game, but money still makes the world go round…

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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