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Yahoo! Pipes goes Geo

an image of the Yahoo! Pipes logoYe know, I just didn’t get Yahoo! Pipes at first. But now that I do, the potential is staggering.

As we inch forward, inexorably towards a web-enabled world, businesses must adapt to the web, to its new nomenclature, it’s culture and its strengths as well as its weaknesses.

In this web-enabled business world, there are services providers, those who offer discrete, concise and often precise offerings to those businesses.

They go look, they seek out, they find and beg and steal (if paid enough) and borrow to make those businesses and individuals happy.

But what happens when we have people who sort of know where to look themselves?

What happens when we have most if not all of these sources spewing out their data as feeds, or as some other standardized format?

There’s a very real potential to cut a swathe through an entire layer of middleware, just by applying some web savvy to a few choice Pipes.

But like any suitably disruptive technology, to really scatter the playing board, some scale is required:

Yahoo! Pipes, the graphical, web-based RSS re-mixer, has significantly increased its geo support. They now provide a map output that plots your data on a Yahoo! supplied map. Pipes will also export geocontent in KML, which means that Pipes content can be used in Google Maps and in Google Earth. It also means that Pipes will start to appear in the increasingly important geoindex of Google.”

How’s that for scale? Doesn’t get much bigger than that, does it?

Aggregating stuff is the in-thing recently. What with mobile businesses and their shared ‘Workstreams’, the rules are changing rapidly.

Sharing stuff on a global scale is no longer a pipe dream, it’s a fundamental of a very social web, and an increasing function of business…

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

5 replies on “Yahoo! Pipes goes Geo”

I think there’s a really good future for Yahoo! Pipes.

As a technology, it’s incredibly disruptive, but I don’t really think Yahoo! will be the ones to push that to it’s fullest.

That’ll come from the likes of you and me.

Well, maybe not so much me, ‘coz I just don’t have the time these days…

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