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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: T-90 days

After a self-inflicted blow to the ‘blog, I’m in recovery mode. I keep getting strange little spikes in traffic which hark back to how things were before I moved over to the new web address.

Quite apart from the ghostly glimpses of visitors past, I was paid a visit of another kind, from the ghost of things to come after posting a comment in a Search Engine Journal article:

“Hi Raj!

Yes, I’m doing the big 301 [redirect of all previous links to their new counterparts] for all of my existing articles.

I’m in the process of incrementally moving my ‘blog to another CMS, which may well be WordPress.

But to begin with, I’m changing domains first…”

Which resulted in a response from a kind soul by the name of Carsten Cumbrowski, offering me a chance of redemption:

“Hi Wayne, are you referring to the PR in the Google Toolbar? That PR will stay Nada for 3+ month and eventually come back.

I did something similar last year. A split of content from one domain to three altogether. I noticed also some ‘funny’ stuff, like content from the new site appearing in the supplemental index to then come out of it and see the old pages on the old domain go first supplemental and then disappear.

You might want to look at this post at SEJ and specifically the second part of the post and the referenced posts on other blogs.

I would not freak out, if a proper 301 redirect is in place for the old pages to the new. I would double check that, if it was done by somebody else for you. I would not take anybodies word for something like that and check it myself.

What also might helps is to get as much as possible links to the old site updated and pointed to the new one. Especially the ones shown in the back-links query results in Google and Yahoo.”

If true, it’s pretty good news, because it means that I’ll recover my previous standing and again walk tall…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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