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The wires have eyes…

I’m always getting weird, wonderful and sometimes even weirdly wonderful search queries coming to my ‘blog. But then I also get some equally (if not more) weird referrer URLs coming in, too.

Take for example SiggiSim, which is currently just some ‘white label’ test system, claiming to offer: “User Powered Media Your Way.”

A quick Google reveals a guy called Siggi Simonarson touting for help and funding for his idea.

We shall see.

Then there’s Scout Labs, which offered a little more information by way of a quick Google, which uncovered a Craigslist job classified:

“We are in stealth mode until launch later this year, so can’t say too much in a job posting, but we are building a new way for people in companies to listen to and engage with customers out across the web.”

Additionally, there’s also a certain Shawn Smith, who appears to be a senior figure at Scout Labs turning up on LinkedIn, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Intriguing indeed.

Am I just one of gazillions of random samples of content pulled into their various test Content Management Systems? Or, are they looking for something? And am I it?

In the case of Scout Labs, might I be whisked off to some bay area spacious office complex in San Francisco?

Or might my only connection be this single log file entry?

Having a very keen, finely-honed sense of paranoia and being exceptionally conspiratorial, I have to wonder.

Now where the hell did I put my tin foil hat?!

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

6 replies on “The wires have eyes…”

Hey this is Siggi Simonarson. I don’t really understand what your trying to say. That post on youngentrepreneurs was about a previous site that I had on my domain but I am currently developing a “digg clone.” Just saw this post when I googled SiggiSim and was wondering what it was about.

Alright there, fella!

Just a little harmless fun, that’s all.

As I mentioned, I was getting traffic in from your website and the other guy, too.

I was trying to figure out why I kept getting repeat visits coming in from the two of you, that’s all.

So you’re developing a Dogg clone, eh?

Ever played around with Pligg?

Yeah I’ve played with Pligg. I thought making my own from scratch would be more fun though. Shows off some of my PHP skills for any future employers.

The one thing that always disappoints me about any web application is the difficulty of re-working the UI.

I’m working on a series of web applications for creative businesses, and one of the top priorities was to create a fully customizable UI.

So the whole thing has been put together using the Smarty template engine…

Yeah, I find it easier to make my own stuff that to spend the time understanding and editing someone elses. I am currently working on the layout of my site.

The UI is an aspect that gets overlooked so many times.

I’m also working on an ecommerce package for a client, which I’ve bought in.

It’s a total shambles.

It’s a mess of nested tables, weird in-line CSS, snippets of JavaScript .. bleagh!

So the whole UI was a complete afterthought, if it was considered at all…

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