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2-4-1 keyword listing on Google SERP

Sunday, 27 May 2007 — by

Ever curious as to the circuitous route some of the visitors to my ‘blog take en route, I’m often left in various states of mind…

Sometimes pleased, sometimes not so. Sometimes, how they arrive is as irrelevant as the search phrase they used, because I’m not what they’re looking for.

But then one search phrase piqued my interest, and prompted me to investigate. I say investigate, all I do is click on the Referrer button in Clicky and I’m whisked off to their point of departure. In this case, a Google SERP (Search Results Page.)

And while I was ranked rather well, mid-way on page one, I was surprised to see that Google had listed below me two of my Tags (one for each of the two keywords, those being: “Netvibes” and: “On2″) from my account.

In my mind, while there’s an outside chance Google knows that I own both web resources, it’s more likely that their listing proximity is simply as a result of their relevance rather than Google bunching them together. After all, wouldn’t that have a different visual treatment; maybe some kind of indentation?

The advantage is, I get a 2-4-1 (two for the price of one) listing on Google for a particular search phrase.

And this begs the obvious question: knowing this kind of thing is possible, how might I replicate this forcefully?

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