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Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: updates

I have been remiss. With my work load being what it is, Friday and Saturday saw no articles. This will happen from time-to-time, but that’s life!

But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t busying myself like the strange man behind the curtain, pulling levers & switches, taking a moment or two to catch glimpse of his audience.

Changes to the look & feel

As of yesterday, I removed all of the social bookmarking buttons and replaced them with just the one from Add This, which vastly simplifies things.

I’ve also trimmed some of the button labels, so stuff can be scan-read much more quickly.

Since dropping the Amazon adverts, the loading time of my ‘blog has decreased, and it’s freed up more space for other peripheral, non-content devices, like my Clipmarks stuff, my bookmarks et cetera.

All of which adds value to much of what I write about.

Keeping a place in the big book

Speaking of my bookmarks, based on my FeedBurner statistics, you guys seem to really enjoy following in my footsteps, don’t you?

Glad you like, so that’s one thing to consider in the future. All of which sort of feeds back to the Blah, Blah! Technology Live thing I talked about previously — letting you, the viewer follow the discovery process, as it happens.

To the future…

While this ‘blog has been around since March 2005, I’ve only been ‘blogging consistently since the second week in October 2006. So that’s around or about 7 months proper ‘blogging.

While I’ve dabbled in posting my articles to Digg in the past, just to get some content on there, I won’t be doing that in the future. I will continue to post my content onto, but I won’t be adding my stuff to any other similar social bookmarking service.

That is up to you, the visitor. It’s your choice whether what I write about is worth sharing with other people.

I’ve recently started running articles based on my SEO & SEM stuff, some of which has been released elsewhere previously, but there’s always new stuff floating around in my head, or stuff I’ve done for clients that’s worth talking about.

Since adding in my SEO & SEM stuff just over a month ago, I’ve managed to get to page five of Google’s search results for the phrase: “SEO tips”, which is pretty significant.

As I’ve said previously, I’m never going to be doing the Echo Chamber thing, even though I know that I could draw in more visitors, I just don’t see any real value wins for me personally. I’ll be damned if I’m going to be an unpaid PR venue for anyone & everyone touting something new.

The focus of Blah, Blah! Technology is to uncover the socio-technological angle, the political machinations, the possible trends and how those trends may well affect our everyday lives.

The story behind the news if often more interesting than the news itself, and that’s where I want to be. What this means is, my ‘blog becomes exceptionally niche, and pits me against the very best futurologists and technical speculators in the game.

Well I’m up for that, if you are?

So if you’re here looking for what’s new and a link to where it is, go somewhere else, ‘coz it ain’t here, OK?

But if you want some astute, well-observed commentary on how things might be, anywhere from 6 months to 6 centuries from now, then you might want to stick around…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

2 replies on “Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: updates”

Firstly congratulations on the Google ranking!

I think your choice of focus is a wise one, and will likely draw more visitors in the long run.

Do know that I do enjoy many of your articles although I very seldom have time to comment.

Keep up the good work.

Hi Stephen and thanks for the comments!

I’ve noticed someone coming in from your neck of the woods every now & then, and wondered if it might be you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Let’s see how things work out.

Thanks again!

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