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Netvibes Universe, embedded

Looks like Netvibes are planning something major, spaciously entitled “Netvibes Universe” which conjures up all kinds of notions. To celebrate this event, they’re inviting ‘600 of their closest friends’, which also conjures up all kinds of notions, specifically, beyond 100 friends, close or otherwise, could you name them all?

Anyway, despite my previous glowing review of Netvibes, my invite is clearly still in the post.

By way of some exceptionally idle speculatin’, I’d stab at a guess and say that maybe the idea behind Netvibes Universe is to add in more glue of the social kind and allow people to create custom channels, like ‘Lifestreams‘, or even ‘Workstreams‘ for example, pulling in content from various data sources, like,, Flickr et al.

Now that are edging towards the 1 million registered users mark, I’m sure they now have the luxury of time to think about the big question: ‘what next?’

“Today [] launched a new widget product. It’s effectively a public folder that can be customized and embedded in a web page. A logo can be added and a number of views are available. The folder can be password protected, and viewers can also optionally upload their own files as well (if the creator is a premium or pro account holder). Media files are automatically played when clicked, or they can be right-clicked and downloaded.”

Now that we all have stuff – and while we wait for Apple to make their .Mac service actually usable, or more hopefully, as usable as – we can sling our photos, our music (of the legal variety, of course) or even our work files around like there’s no tomorrow.

Better yet, movie and image files get previews, which adds a lot of value in terms of at-a-glance usability.

I’ve been thinking about setting up an anonymous FTP account on my hosting rig for clients to upload their stuff, but offer a very cost-effective service, so I’m tempted to just go with that and absolve myself of the inherent security risks associated with anonymous FTP accounts…

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