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Google enlist web stats’ evangelist

the Google logoTempted as I often am not to criticize free software, I often just go ahead and criticize anyway. I did exactly that when I recently ran an article on how Microsoft might give Google a run for their money in the web analytics stakes. And even more recently, I ran a two-parter on a new user-friendly web analytics package called Clicky.

What we know is that Google aren’t the kind of business to rest on their laurels and watch the competition catch up with them.

And might it me that very reason that Avinash Kaushik is “leaving his position as director of web research & analytics at Intuit to strike out on his own as an independent consultant.”

And that:

“His first gig is as an ‘analytics evangelist’ for Google, working with Google’s marketing team on internal analytics, and with the Google Analytics team to spread the analytics gospel to the masses.”

There’s still plenty of room for improvement in Google Analytics, as I mentioned in my previous article on the subject. Most of the improvements could come out of a more user-centric task-based approach to gathering data together and turning it into accessible information.

Hopefully, we will see the benefits of his involvement in the not-too distant future…

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By Wayne Smallman

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