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Clicky gets simpler

By way of an update my previous, broadly positive review of Clicky web analytics, here’s a run-down of what’s new.

The guys at Clicky have since added out-bound link tracking, which now shows up under the Actions tab button, formerly called Clicks.

This is excellent, certainly enough for me to keep using Clicky on a daily basis.

While there are similar options to be found on MyBlogLog, Clicky makes the data more accessible and simpler to get around.

And now that I’ve gone beyond the trial period, I’ve lost access to RSS and Spy, but for me, that’s no great loss.

Web stats filtered

One thing I didn’t cover before was the Filter options in Clicky.

This is excellent if you’re wanting to see all the visitors from, say, a particular web or IP address.

Or, if you wanted to see all the visitors from a particular country, or the visitor is using a particular browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer et cetera,) platform (Mac, Windows, Linux et cetera,) language country, referring domain, query and even title.

I’ve used it one or two times, just to track in-bound clicks for a particular IP address. But what would be nice is a contextual pop-up menu that appears when you hover over the national flag, IP address, query et cetera, which would then reveal the immediate, quick options for that criteria.

All good stuff, as you can imagine.

Future plans

Listed on their home page, they mention a couple of future developments, such as an AJAX API and being able to track custom data, such as usernames and such.

For now, Clicky is certainly my main way of keeping track of traffic to my ‘blog, and I can’t really see that changing in the immediate future…

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