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Apple iPhone to play World of Warcraft?

an frontal photograph of the Apple iPhoneAll kinds of commentary has been emerging surround the Apple iPhone, plenty of which writing the iPhone off before it’s even launched. I’m a little more circumspect about this kind of commentary. Sure to catch headlines but often running low-fat on the facts.

Also, there’s still this odd need by some of the mainstream IT press to continually write Apple off, even when they’ve rolled out a string of successful products almost back-to-back.

I think Apple thrive on this negative publicity because if you’re an IT journalist and you piss on the bonfire of hope for Apple trotting out a successful iPhone, then when Apple do succeed, the success is even more tangible.

After all, you can only enjoy a major high after an abysmal low, and oh how Apple have had it low.

Also, I think Apple learn from the negative waves pulsing towards them. It’s not beyond them to learn from these guys. Catch a fool on a good day, and even a wise man will find something to learn.

“There is no opportunity right now for third party development,…” so said Apple’s Greg Joswiak, Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing.

My feeling is, Apple aren’t telling the full story.

From what we’ve already seen from the various demos of the Apple iPhone, there already third-parties on there in the guise of Google and Yahoo! who both offer up some nice services.

I’d say that Apple are the one’s initiating this dialogue, and are clearly the one’s who would approach the qualitative third-parties who they believe will add real value to the iPhone.

I thought you going to tell me about World of Warcraft?!

We already know what Apple think about casual gaming, so is it such a leap of the imagination to suppose that Apple might be offering up games on the iPhone?

“An iPhone rumour site has published claims that the Apple mobile phone will be able to play ‘World of Warcraft’.

The report cites an anonymous source – but seems based on a high degree of speculation: it reasons that as the iPhone runs a stripped-down version of Mac OS X it will be possible to install third-party applications on the device.”

While your average ISV might not find his or her way onto the iPhone right now, I’d say that there’s a good chance that the more established software houses would.

And in addition to Blizzard Entertainment, who are the guys behind the Warcraft franchise, there’s also Electronic Arts, who appear to in discussion with Apple and getting their back catalogue of games on the Apple TV.

Thing is, World of Warcraft hardly qualifies as casual gaming. Anything you’re paying a monthly fee for sort of goes beyond casual – it’s a matter of dedication. And that might be the kind of detail that reveals this as just being a rumor and nothing else.

Will we see Apple riding in like a white knight to save the day, while hordes of people buy the iPhone? Or will the iPhone suffer a miserable, accursed, unending death?

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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