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Adobe development cycle hits 2.0

an image of the Adobe logoKeen followers of this ‘blog will have read my on-going coverage of Adobe and the Adobe versus Microsoft battle.

More recently, an interview with Adobe’s Russell Williams by Mary Branscombe for The Register.

Those who’re interested into the software development cycle should find this interview quite interesting and very telling, too.

Even the major ISV’s have their short-comings when it comes to shaking off old habits:

“We had been trying to make the change for a couple of versions but hadn’t really been able to make it stick. Nobody on the team had experience using an incremental development process, and we kept sliding back into our old ways because of our own habits and pressures from other groups at Adobe who wanted to see an early “feature complete” milestone. We’d always successfully delivered using the old method, so when things got difficult, we’d revert to things we knew would work.”

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