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Adobe CS3 could net Apple $900m

an image of the Adobe logoI couldn’t wait any longer and I simply had to buy my brand new 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro. I’m running Adobe Photoshop and it’s not half bad, but I suspect it’ll run a lot faster when it’s ready for the Intel processor inside my MacBook Pro.

However, there are a lot people out there who are still prepared to wait.

And for both Apple and Adobe, the wait could well be worth it.

“A 2006 survey of Mac users in the creative fields put the estimated market for Adobe’s top-of-the-line tools at three million users. Assuming a 15 per cent upgrade rate by those users to a new Intel-based Mac Pro or MacBook Pro machine, Apple will likely sell an additional 450,000 systems based on CS3 alone.”

In dollars & cents, that could be about $900m, which is a sizable amount of money for anyone.

“Although Adobe said on Monday that it would actually ship CS3 ‘later in spring 2007’,… the release at around 21 April, three weeks after the 27 March launch. Three weeks is Adobe’s typical launch-to-ship time frame, he said.”

There’s been nothing typical about this saga. For a start, Adobe released a public beta of Photoshop CS, and there are signs that the whole schedule has been brought forward, maybe to placate Apple, or maybe as a rouse to foment unrest at Microsoft.

After all, Microsoft have made it clear that they intend entering the creative market with a whole raft of software offerings for developers and designers alike. And if Adobe can rekindle their somewhat luke-warm relationship with Apple as a possible foil to Microsoft’s ambitions, so much the better.

Maybe then Microsoft might even put product quality before marketing spend. Hey, stranger things have happened.

In any event, the possibility of the release of Adobe Creative Suite 3 opening up the floodgates for Apple has a double benefit. Not only would they gain extra sales, but they also swell their already growing market share.

Small though it is right now, the signs are good for continued growth year-over-year, assuming Apple can keep pulling the proverbial white rabbit out of the top hat.

And who else better to take on such a responsibility than the consummate showman himself, Steve Jobs, reality distortion field firmly intact…

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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