MyBlogLog spam scam goes cooperative

Imagine how confused I was to see that I’d been asked to co-author a Community on MyBlogLog, especially since I didn’t know who the author was.

I’ve been on MyBlogLog since the 30th of December 2006, and in that time, I’ve had my fair share of spammy comments, but in the main, I just let that kind of thing slide.

This new tactic was (and still is) just plain daft, and make no mistake!

OK, so just out of curiosity, I looked at the profile page, then a quick glance at the ‘blog in question (some Belgian guy, so the whole thing was in French) and then I was out of there,like everyone else I no doubt.

So what was the point of adding me as a co-author again?

Besides, the ‘blog police on MyBlogLog had acted quicker than me since by the time I’d followed the link to the profile, there was no profile.

To build community and grow traffic, it’s best not to cut corners. There’s no substitute for good content, being personable and a good Netizen…

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

3 replies on “MyBlogLog spam scam goes cooperative”

Thanks! Very interesting. I’m fairly new at all this game but have also been just asked to CO-AUTHOR a mybloglog community by a Belgian Woman this time. I was totally confused and don’t understand what their general aim was, but it sounds a bit dodgy, Mybloglog handle Rickrm TUE20FEB07/1921

Hi guys and thanks for commenting!

Glad to be of help.

There are all kinds of scams doing the rounds recently, not least the image email spam, which seems to be baffling the crap out of the spam filters…

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