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This ‘blog is goin’ places!

Due to some recent changes to Google Blogger, I’m planning on cutting loose and moving Blah, Blah! Technology elsewhere.

However, there will be no need to change your bookmarks, not unless you suddenly feel the urge to.

I’ll most likely be moving over to a WordPress system, hosted elsewhere under a different, unique domain name.

Needless to say, in doing so, my rankings will be shot through, but I need more control than Google Blogger currently offers.

In addition, you the viewer will also feel the benefit, too. So the move will be of mutual benefit and for the best all round.

As for time scales, I’m not sure. When I get time and when I get to grips with WordPress, which just isn’t a very programmer-friendly architecture to work with.

I’m also planning a second ‘blog, which will be the new home for my Webwise series of articles.

On the subject of a domain name, any suggestions would be warmly welcomed.

A few pointers: any domain name would need to be relevant to what I do, include some keywords and ideally be short enough to remember and not spell wrong.

The long-term goal is to put together a number of brands through which to deliver my content.

You guys are an integral part of that plan. Without you being here reading this very sentence, I’d have no plans at all.

I salute you, one and all!

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

6 replies on “This ‘blog is goin’ places!”

This blog is definitely going somewhere!
The freedom of having full adminastrative control on your own site can be rewarding. Though I have experienced extra manhours, just to get it to work in some cases. Though the feeling and satisfaction of accomplishment afterwards is worth it.
Best of luck!

As for domain names, I think they self-humility in the name of “Blah Blah” could be something to play on.

I support your decision. If you succeed in importing your blog from Blogger to WordPress (is this possible?), you could consider to use the “303 redirect” to avoid losing readers. Crawlers will follow the redirection too.

Regarding the domain, is too obvious? 😛

Hi guys!

“hough the feeling and satisfaction of accomplishment afterwards is worth it.”

Yes, it’s the control I need.

To be fair, Blogger has been OK, and it’s served me very well until now.

But now, I need more that Blogger can give!

“You could consider to use the “303 redirect” to avoid losing readers.”

The way the option works within Blogger is that I retain the current domain name and the redirect is handled by Google and not me, so all is well!

As for I’ll have a think about that.

Yes, it’s obvious .. but then it’s also obvious, too! 😉

Wayne, if you need any help with your WordPress migration let me know. I’ve done a fair amount of messing with it (and I agree it’s not very friendly – the internals are a right old mess IMNVHO). So I may be able to offer some useful advice and failing that, sympathy.

Hi Tim and hello Alfred!

“If you need help moving boxes and stuff give me a call – my car has plenty of space.”

Kind. Pointless, but kind all the same. 😉

“Wayne, if you need any help with your WordPress migration let me know.”

I might just do that, and thanks for the offer. Much appreciated…

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