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Microsoft Office for Mac makes good ground

an image of the Microsoft logoI’ve been using Microsoft Office for Mac for some years, now. And guess what: Office for Mac just works. That’s not a refrain you hear often in conjunction with the Microsoft brand and their software.

I’ve never had too many problems with Office for Mac, but I’m a little behind, having bought my version back in 2000.

I’ve been biding my time to upgrade and the recent version Office for Mac looks about right, albeit with some oddities, but maybe they’ll be worked out by the time the final product ships.

There’s also some pictures of the current Beta version of Office for the Mac doing the rounds, and it’s those pictures that have helped swing me around.

I especially like the integration into one window with tabs. While the eWeek article does heap more than a measure of criticism on some aspects of the Mac Office 2008 interface, I’m a little more tolerant.

However, as mentioned in the article, it’s likely that these visual issues will be worked out prior to going live. For the demo at Macworld, Word was the most developed application, so that got the customary airing:

“One of its highlights is a new user interface dubbed ‘Elements Gallery.’ It speeds up document creation by allowing users to drag-and-drop predefined templates for some of the most commonly used ‘Document Parts,’ such as headers, footers and tables of contents.”

What does concern me is the growing discontent with regards to Microsoft’s proposed not-so OpenXML format for Office. That’s a problem that needs resolving, for everyone’s benefit.

What I did find a little intriguing was the My Day palette, which sort of made me think for a moment or two.

Do you think those buttons are little chunky? I mean, they wouldn’t go amiss on a touch screen. And what about that window palette? Looks just about the right size to fit on an iPhone screen…

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

2 replies on “Microsoft Office for Mac makes good ground”

I’ve used Office for several years now and I’ve always loved it. I recently started using Keynote and Pages, products of our beloved Steve Jobs, and found that they’re pretty good, though different. I, however, find hard to believe that he will be able to match Excel’s capabilities, though I’ve heard rumors that he will be launching the iWork version of Excel this year… do you know anything about that?

Apparently, the Apple spreadsheet application is called Sheets.

Don’t know much more than that, really.

I suspect, however, that it may be based on some of the Claris stuff.

A quick history lesson; Claris was originally part of Apple, but Apple spun them out as a subsidiary, then brought them back .. then back out!

You get the idea…

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