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Microsoft Live TV and Mixin’ it with Developers, Designers

Microsoft Hosts Mix for Web Developers, Designers

Microsoft has opened registration for its Mix07 conference, which is aimed at bringing Web developers, designers and the advertising community together to look at new business opportunities around Microsoft’s next-generation Web technologies.Mix07 will be held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas April 30 to May 2. The conference will be Microsoft’s second Mix event; the company hailed last year’s Mix06 as a “conversation” with Web developers and designers.

‘Mix is a forum for discussing ways to bring technologies such as ASP.Net AJAX (formerly code-named ‘Atlas’), Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (WPF/E), Media Center Edition, Internet Explorer, and the Expression suite together in a way that enables developers and designers to deliver rich Web experiences that drive business results,’ the Microsoft Mix site said.”

One area of concern for me is what is Microsoft’s position on open standards and the adoption thereof. Thing is, the developer community is gravitating towards open standards, and this ain’t the 80’s anymore!

Gone are the days of Microsoft throwing together their own competing standards and watching the tide shift their way. So it’s encouraging to hear of Microsoft making the right moves:

“Microsoft will also discuss its increasing emphasis on promoting and adhering to industry standards in the Web development and design space and making AJAX development easier, he said. In addition, the company will give updates on its tools and runtimes, such as Microsoft’s Expression suite of tools for designers, ASP.Net AJAX, Internet Explorer, WPF/E, .Net 3.0 and others.”

It’s easy to see where this is going. 2006 was Microsoft setting out their stall, whereas 2007 is to be a firm statement of intent for Microsoft.

Such temperance is not a quality I’ve seen much of from Microsoft, but here it is, anyway.

So what we can see is Microsoft pulling all of the various threads together into one cohesive push towards a broad mix of content types across a variety of mediums.

Which forms a smooth enough segue into or next update…

Windows Live for TV Enters Public Beta

Microsoft’s blog/IM/chat search with a TV interface, Windows Live for TV, has entered into beta. It seems that the former Project Nemo has gone live in the last week or so, and was spotted today by the folks over at LiveSide.The interface allows users to search Windows Live Spaces blogs, either with keyword searches or through gallery views. users can also use Messenger and Live Call via a remote-control interface. It apparently won’t work with Windows Media Center XP, but will require Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate RC2.”

So if Mix07 is intended to gee up developers and get them to focus on creating content with Microsoft tools, then Windows Live is about the consumption of that content, pulling all of those different types of content into one interface.

It’s the obvious route to take, but it’s one that Microsoft has proved weak in the implementation of.

We’ve seen what Apple can do with their Front Row software for Mac, but in fairness to Microsoft, Apple is only a recent runner, and Microsoft is offering a lot more.

However, what with Apple due to release their iTV product sometime early this year (maybe this week, even) maybe we could see some action?

What is apparent is that Microsoft is not resting on their laurels and they’re pushing hard to strengthen what lead they have.

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