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Big websites of 2006 making a noise

If you want to know who was hot and who was not in 2006, ‘The 50 loudest websites in 2006 and what made them successful’ is a must read. Not only does the article cover the who but also the why and for what reason.

Interestingly, it would appear that Reddit beat Digg to the top of the social links pile, which for me at least is an eye-opener.

Also of interest is the list of top ‘blogs. If you’re a keen ‘blogger like me, it’s worth reading through this list, pick out what made the best better and attempt to emulate some of that goodness with your own ‘blog.

Similarly surprising, for Corporate Websites, 37 Signals saw of the likes of Apple and Microsoft to take top spot.

Weirdly, the fourth spot is occupied by a company called Edelman, who I’ve never heard of before. Even weirder still is the link from their name, which seems to point to some protest page, which is directing its venom at Technorati.

The web page was taking too long to load, so I didn’t get to see what that lot was all about. Maybe you could clarify?


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By Wayne Smallman

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