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Apple iPhone is here…

the Apple iPhoneAs a qualified product designer, I’m only too aware of when I see a qualified success. The all new Apple iPhone is just such an example of a qualified success in product design and ergonomics.

It’s as if Apple started the whole project from the point of view of that the entire mobile phone concept had never existed.

I’ll be honest, this is like nothing I’ve seen before, such is the brilliance of this device.

This all might sound very premature, but I’d be happy to hang what little money I have in the world on the Apple iPhone selling like crazy.

Such has been the talk about the iPod and the iMac as products that have both defined Apple and defied their critics, the iPhone isn’t a product borne out of the desire to survive through the shear force of applied design alone.

No, the Apple iPhone is a product borne of these previous victories and what we’re now seeing is a tour de force and a celebration of design itself.

As I described the iPhone to my father while he disrobed for bed. Me, animately prancing around his bedroom, gesturing wildly: “It’s like the stuff you see in sci-fi films, only it’s real, now!”

an artists impression of the Apple iPhone with the Cover Flow album artwork

I’m a guy who loves his design, and that for me is the stuff that forces me to gravitate towards Apple and their products.

I fail to see what the other so-called ‘smart phone’ manufactures are going to produce. The Apple iPhone is a seminal product that if somehow were it to avoid commercial success, would instead define what people expect of mobile communications.

All of this glowing, gushing praise and I’ve yet to lay my hands on one, yet!

Over the next week or so, I’ll be giving some more thought to the iPhone and the Apple TV, so stay tuned, so to speak!

I do have some questions, though. For example, why launch in the USA only to begin with when both Europe and Asia totally dwarf the American market?

Why such small disk capacities for the iPhone when the emphasis is clearly on rich media?

Why no mention of video games when the iPhone is much better suited than the now more regular iPod? That question, I’ve chosen to expound upon below.

And finally, why did Apple go with the iPhone name when it’s already gone?

In the meantime, there’s some quality resources at the bottom of this ‘ere article.

an artists impression of the Apple iPhone playing video

The future is a curly thing indeed

Back in late November 2006, I ran a piece on what I’d like to see from an Apple iPhone, and in retrospect, while not everything panned out, I was certainly moving in the right direction.

And back in early December 2006, I’d pretty much hit the spot on the multi-touch input .. but for the wrong product!

Also, my Sunday special on Macworld drew a blank on an extended preview of Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard”.

And only today did I have cause to suspect that the iPod would merge with or give birth to the iPhone:

“So the iPod now plays games. Previous to that, the iPod took on notes and calendar data. Those two inclusions strike me as being little schismatic; the iPod is either for entertainment, or it’s evolving into a PDA.

Well, maybe it’s both! Maybe then, the iPod will split.”

I’m sure I made some reference to an embedded version of Mac OS X in the iPhone, too. But I can’t find that.

Seek, and ye shall not find

During the course of the announcement, a friend and I watched the transcript from the event and tried to guess what might be coming next:

“You know what’s coming next? Video games…” I type quickly into Skype, hoping to be ahead of the announcement. In addition, I made reference to Electronic Arts getting involved in producing games for the iPod.

Thing is, there was no mention of video games .. anywhere!

Since the news broke of the Apple iPhone, the traffic to this ‘blog has spiked somewhat.

Having skimmed through the traffic statistics, I’ve found around half a dozen Google search queries along the lines of: “iPhone games” and: “Where are the iPhone games”

Good question! Just where are the Apple iPhone games?

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

2 replies on “Apple iPhone is here…”

Yes, the design is very important, and I also must agree that I think they have succeeded.
Thanks for some good predictions on the iPhone.

Now lets wait and see about some of the other awaited features : )

Cool article! I too, am in love! I watched all the small videos in the Apple website last night and I just love the user interface and the sleek design. As always, I will wait a good prudential time before spending US$600 on this wonderful toy… but I definitely see myself holding one… looking at it in a mesmerized way… I agree with the storage, 8GB is just plain ridiculous. We’ll just have to wait and see when it will be available in Colombia!

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